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Karcher Puzzi 200 -  1.193-110.0

Ref: 11931040

Price: £718.80
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Karcher Puzzi 200 - 1.193-110.0

A highly powerful spray extraction unit designed for easy, efficient deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. The Karcher Puzzi 200 is similar to the Puzzi 100, but features much higher spray and suction rates, and a defoaming tank, which when used with Krcher anti-foaming chemical, stops the build up of foam in the dirty water tank. This is particularly helpful for cleaning areas that have previously been treated with chemical. The optional PW 10 power brush increasing the performance by up to 35% through deep agitation of carpet pile.

- Contract Cleaners
- Offices
- Hotels, Restaurants & Shops
- Building Trade
- Automotive Industry

Features & Benefits
Detergent tablet storage on board.

Separate fresh water tank with filter element for long operating periods and protects pump from contamination.

Accessory holder on handle.

Optional PW 10 power brush increases performance by up to 35%.

Compact shock proof, lightweight plastic housing.

2 large wheels and 2 castors for excellent manoeuvrability.

Separate spraying & vacuuming buttons give the option to pre-spray.

Automatic supply of defoaming liquid into waste tank if required.

Removable dirty water tank for easy disposal of waste.

Item no. Karcher 11931100

VAT & Mainland UK Delivery included.
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